Hobie 360 Drive Maintenance Tips and Videos

Global and Idler Adjustment 

Global Adjuster location: bottom side of lower unit of pedal drive (5/32 hex key)

When to adjust Global: after first few times on water. drive feels loose, clicking noises. 

Idler Adjuster location: the 2 nuts on the top of the pedal drive towards the front (bow) and under the legs of each pedal. 

When to adjust Idler: squeaking noises while pedaling 

Clutch Replacement and Maintenance / Compression Tube Adjustment 

Location: entire system between 360 steering handle and the drive itself. Clutch is directly above the gear that mates next to the 360 Drive. Compression tube is the metal tube that enters the boat on the left side of the drive area. 

When to adjust: any change in performance turning the 360 drive. If the drive binds up and you can't turn it at all, or if it catches at different points, try adjusting the compression tube. Avoid trying to turn the drive "thru" a bind or catch. 


Cleaning and Lubrication

360 Drive Direction Indicator Adjustment